I've written about Henry Street Studio before, and have been a huge fan of their work for years.  Aliza Simons and I have collaborated creatively countless times, which I never ever tire of.  Besides being a friend, Aliza is an incredibly talented artist on all fronts.  Her complete dedication to making the most beautiful things leaves me in constant awe.  I’ve seen her hundreds of glaze tests organized neatly in her small, but perfect studio space.  She spends countless hours in the studio (precisely) building these pieces with her bare hands.  Before Aliza, I knew and loved ceramics well, but only after seeing behind the scenes have I grown to really appreciate the craft. 

She is having a huge in-person sale this Friday & Saturday at Prop Workshop.  There will be tons of beautiful ceramics there for purchase - for gifts, the home, to enjoy.  Please consider stopping by ;)  Details below!

 *If you're outside of NYC, they will be having an online sale NOVEMBER 8th!  Stay tuned via their Instagram.