We all know him well.  Nordic master and innovative chef behind Denmark's NOMA, Rene Redzepi, has turned the method of foraging and obscure edibles into a true culinary art.  I've admired his work (and collaborations with my favorite photographers) for years, but recently read an article on one of my favorite sites for creatives.

I struggle a lot with satisfaction in my work - always feeling like I could/should be working harder/better, etc.  The idea of hard work isn't just about gritting through it and putting in the hours, but staying engaged and self-breeding the consistent ability to evolve.  I loved this quote (below) that so perfectly addresses the true meaning of hard work.  

Some may see this as eccentric or overbearing, but for some of us with constant hunger (figuratively so), it perfectly encompasses that feeling.  As much as I hear people speak about satisfaction in work and "doing what they love," I relate more to the emotional struggle of trying to be my own version of "great."  The moments of inspiration are obviously wonderful, but most of it is putting in the hours and chipping away at the block of what you desire.  It takes a certain amount of stamina to keep performing and creating when maybe you're exhausted by the sheer idea of that.

My favorite Ted Talk of all time is led by Elizabeth Gilbert, none other than the Eat, Pray, Love author.  I never read her book (and don't really need to), but I come back to her lecture over and over, especially when feeling a little depleted.  I don't want to ruin the poignancy of this talk, so please go listen.  Her storytelling perfectly examines the evolution of the creative plight and that no matter the struggle, what always remains is showing up.