Baking gluten-free, as I've attempted to articulate before, can be a tough and windy road.  Usually the key to finding your old favorites--gluten-free--is making them yourself.  It may take a little more effort, but it's worth it to avoid the very dense and often tasteless goods available in most markets.

I know many are exhausted and mystified by making flour blends or trying to adapt a recipe to gluten-free.  It can definitely be a pain and requires jumping through hoops when really all you want is a good chocolate chip cookie.  Karen Morgan of Blackbird Bakery has created an amazing series of gluten-free flour blends specifically formulated for their intended baked good.  This means you're not just using an all-purpose flour (which usually isn't really all-purpose), but each flour is specifically designed for say, Bread and Pizza or my favorite, the Cookie Jar blend.

Not only has Karen shared her recipe for Trash Can cookies with us (inspired by my favorite Milk Bar Compost Cookie), but Blackbird Bakery is gifting one special reader with a flour blend and cookbook giveaway.  (Details below!)  These cookies are the best combination of sweet, salty, buttery, crunchy chocolate chip cookies that are seriously as addicting as I'm sure they sound.  


I'm so excited to announce Blackbird Bakery is generously giving away ALL OF THEIR FLOUR BLENDS and their NEW COOKBOOK, The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free, to one very lucky (probably gluten-free) reader!  Please comment below to be entered to win and share on social media to spread the word!  The winner will be announced on the blog this SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11TH at 3pm EST.